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  • Independent bagged a spring is one with non-woven will spring package, bucket design can prevent spring friction and swings around or produce noise, spring not affected, stretch between individual telescopic, according to size can average and properly support different weight of body parts, more can keep spine, make sleep more comfortable flat. Independent than regular spring in spring production process is more complex, cost and higher, so the price slightly expensive some. But to the health of human body is obvious.
    The characteristics of independent bagged reed reed is independent of each spring in both independent support, adjustable, alone, completely to comply with human body curve by best take care of the body, with accord with human body engineering, close the effect of joint support. Reed canister, a place respectively, operation force elsewhere motionless, even bedside people traveled emancipated, also won't affect the sleeping another, and particularly an additional level of carpet and high elastic cotton bed surface of wavy sponge sponge, the waves of projections using the human body to flip and other natural movement achieve massage health care effect, enjoy acme sleep.
    Independent bagged reed bladder, columnar spring, non-woven packages, unique super fanless design, for you and your bed partner to create sweet sleep atmosphere
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    Product picture
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    6 people take care of hosting, promotion, Trading (Procurement), customer service and other one-stop service.
    7 most of the site products with a number of security services. (security services)
    8. industry Web site with authority and value, and constantly strive to provide services for the industry, please rest assured procurement.

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    Logistics statement:
    JJCL Asia materials network only provide the most specific products and logistics information service, the transport costs and time for yourreference, buyers need to directly and the third party logistics communication and confirmation we do not make any guarantee, but I will full assistance and follow up each logistics hopes to achieve the efficiency of quality and low cost to solve the problem, in this special thanks to the concern and support of the from all walks of life to our JJCL! Hereby declare.
    The professional platform, JJCL Asia international furniture material network has been operating for 15 years, the industry leader, brand first, integrity first, multi conditional security. Has received the attention and support of the new and old customers, the purchase price of our support a number of bank transactions, high safety coefficient, inventory case payment within 1 day of delivery, inventory payment delivery within 10 days; we have their own independent partners "logistics park, tracking, reduce transportation cost is our service tenet, more wholeheartedly with you to handle logistics every details. Acceptance duties: our JJCL platform products are required to pass through the multi acceptance and hand confirmed, multiple quality inspection pass through the layers, in order to allow the product to be organized into various regions of the world.

    JJCL Asia international furniture material network display of product supply and demand information provided by the seller and the buyer, the authenticity, accuracy and legitimacy of the information released by the person or member responsible. JJCL furniture material network does not provide any guarantee, does not bear any legal responsibility.
    In order to avoid the risk of purchase, it is recommended that you buy the relevant products, be sure to confirm the supplier qualification and product quality!
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