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Furniture accessories shipped, shipping and transportation is different from general products, invites the user to place an order to the following contents:

In 1, the delivery time: furniture accessories production needs a certain period, the payment after 3 ~ 5 days we can arrange the production and shipment.

2, modes of transport: furniture accessories is commodity, not through the post office and express shipments, only through the professional logistics companies. You can according to the distance from your home freight logistics company, own choice. After the arrival of the goods generally require you to the local shipping point from delivery, such as door-to-door, local freight will charge you a certain delivery costs.

In 3, the transportation time: according to different distances, time is not exactly the same, is generally 7 to 15 days of arrival. In addition the weather and road conditions and other factors may also cause the cargo delay, please understand!

4, transport costs: without special specification, product standard prices do not include freight, because all parts of the country far different, freight is also different, specific freight according to the logistics company the actual charge shall prevail. In order to guarantee the logistics company has a good service attitude, are used after the goods to pay the freight to the logistics company. To place an order for you before we will estimate the cost, but the actual exact freight is to be sent to the cargo freight department to set down after delivery, we will tell you the specific freight and cargo tracking, until you receive the goods.

5, sign: our products are carefully examined before shipment, please pick up the best face to face inspection, in order to protect your rights, double-check before you sign, inspection found a number of wrong or transport damaged please not to sign and contact us in time. Upon receipt, please carefully check product outsourcing has damage or being hurt traces, if necessary please when a logistics company staff face disconnected damaged package view the interior parts for damage, if the damage you use your mobile phone or other equipment to take photos, please do not blindly and receipt of goods, promptly notify us, we help you with freight company negotiated settlement methods.

6, customer service : if you are receiving, installation problems, please feel free to contact us, we can at any time to provide technical guidance, glad to be at your service.

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