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Return return

One, the principle of return:

1, customers receive the goods within 7 days from the date of issue, such as the quality, the wrong goods, with no settlement can be reached through negotiation, we Asian international barter, we will according to grant processing and assume the transport costs, please do not worry.

In 2, the product quality of customer returns, not delivery goods, customers without additional compensation; for shipping goods, freight on the actual freight to customers;

For the use of the bank card payment, refund should be subject to refund the full amount of the 1% handling fee.

3, since the date of receipt of goods within 90 days, the commodity has serious quality problems, the mall with a replacement, return

In 4, the returned goods, the customer must provide the goods and the corresponding sales document (photocopy is invalid ), commodity packaging, while ensuring product integrity,

Otherwise, the Asian international furniture material center to provide business services.

In two, the provinces of return policy:

In 1, the customer received the goods, please according to the invoice and the outer packaging of goods information carefully check the receipt of goods with your order models, the same number, if any question,

Available immediately to the delivery staff proposed return, we will according to grant processing and assume the transport costs, please do not worry.

2, if the customer was the sign, we as customers recognized the merchandise intact.

3, if the customer was signed for obvious signs of damage to the outer packing, then we complain the goods in question or is damaged, if we cannot entertain.

Three, refund instructions:

Refund time for the customer approval within 7 working days after the fund transfer to your original account.

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