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Price description

One, price:

In 1, the Asian International will do its best to ensure that you purchase goods and published on the website of the price, but price lists and statements do not constitute the main constraints. Asia International has the right to found a web show products and orders the obvious errors or out-of-stock situation, unilateral withdrawal. Asia international to retain the right to limit the number of products ordered. Under the orders at the same time, you also admit you have purchase these products right ability and behavior ability, and you to you in order to provide all the information to be true.

In two, price changes and shortage:

Product pricing and availability are the Asian international site specified. This kind of information will not change at any time, any notice. Commodity prices do not include VAT, freight. According to the cost of shipping method you choose to vary. If the accident occurred, after confirming your order form, because the supplier raises the price, make commodity changes caused by price changes, or because the site errors caused by changes in commodity prices, you have the right to cancel your order, and hope you will promptly inform us through email or phone call.

You order the goods, if out of stock, you have the right to cancel the order.

In three, price error using measures:

Until you place an order, we can confirm the price of commodity. Despite our best efforts, we catalog is a small part of commodity will likely have pricing error. If we find errors in pricing, we will take one of the following measures:

1, if a commodity price is right below our errors in pricing, we will be in accordance with the lower price to your delivery of the goods sales.

2, if a commodity correctly priced higher than our mistakes pricing, we will be according to our situation, whether prior to delivery to contact you for your instructions, or cancel your order and notify you.

Interpretation of the Asian international furniture material net.

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